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21 September 2017
Direct Payments Account


To enable us to open and operate an Direct Payment Account please print and complete the following forms.

1.  Application Form - ClickDownload Direct Payment Application Form (79.1kb)

2.  Details of your Carer's / Personal Assistants. - ClickDownload Carerís Salary Form (137.5kb)

For legal purposes we require two addtional items one for evidence of your identlty and the second as evidence of address.

Once we have received all the information from you either in person or by post we will open the account and advise you of a membership number.

Please note, we are unable to receive or make payments until this process has been completed.


What happens next ?

You need to advise Shropshire Council that an account has been opened and let them know your membership number, so they can send funds to us.

You need to advise any care or service providers, you have authorised us to pay, to send the invoices to us for payment.

If you intend to use Sally's Payroll service then the time sheets should be sent directly to them in order that they can calculate wages due and inform us of the payments to be made.

We are happy to send you an annual statement when requested to do so.

If you require any additional information please contact us 01743 252325.