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21 September 2017
Direct Payments

Direct Payments

Direct Payments are funds paid to you by a local Authority following an assessment of care needs. The council has to be satisfied that itís going towards legitimate care needs and the services agreed in your care plan.

Once a care/support plan has been established and a personal budget is being considered, you may need to open an account to have the funds paid into.

Direct Payment Account

Just Credit Union can offer an account that enables the local authority Shropshire Council, to pay funds directly into the account every four weeks.

When you have decided who you want to provide your care or agreed services, the funds in the account can be used to make payments to the provider every four weeks directly to their bank account.

Just Credit Union are also able to provide information to the local authority when they request a statement.

After an audit if funds need to be returned to the local authority this will also be arranged.


Just Credit Union has a membership fee of £4 there are currently no charges for receiving, making payments, or providing annual statements.


See  'Direct Payment Account'  for information on how to apply.