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21 September 2017
Why A Shropshire Wide Financial Services Project?

With mainstream banks reducing their high street presence and the concerns of central government with regard to the problems posed by financial exclusion, Credit Unions can fill an ever-expanding gap. Whether in employment or not, access to just Credit Union's services will provide benefits both for the individual member and for the community generally.

just Credit Union will provide an affordable and viable alternative to mainstream financial institutions to all sectors of the local population. As a locally run co-operative, just Credit Union will share its profits with its members, keeping money within the local economy and working for local people.

The average dividend (annual interest) paid by Just Credit Union to the members is 2% and thats on instant access accounts!  For the fianical year ending September 2011members voted for a 2.1% dividend which has been paid on all the savaings accounts. 

Our Credentials

just Credit Union was registered with the Registry of Friendly Societies in August 2001. This was the result of the work and skills of a committed group of Shropshire volunteers supported by paid staff.

The registration of the credit union in Shropshire was ground breaking, covering a large geographical area with its common bond. The use of IT software specifically developed for credit union accountancy ensures efficiency in recording and monitoring operations.

The service is available to anyone who lives or works in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin. (This is referred to as the field of membership).