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21 September 2017
How to apply

Just Credit Union endeavours to use its memberís savings in a positive way to help people within the community by offering loans at affordable rates.

To apply for a loan you need to;- 

1 Live or work in Shropshire.

2 Be an existing member or agree to join at the same time you apply for a loan

3 Aged between 18 and 65

4 Willing to save a small amount as well as paying back your loan.


Complete an application form


Call us and we can post a form to you  or you could print one from this site. (Forms)

When you apply for a loan we need to be able to establish your income and expenditure this is because as a credit union we believe in responsible lending and will base our decision on your affordability to be able to repay the loan.

We also look at your previous credit history this helps us to see how you have managed your money in the past and how you are currently managing your money.


We offer different types of loans to suit your financial situation


Member Loans £500- £10,000. If the majority of your income comes from employment income.

Community Fund Loans  £300-£1200 .If the majority or all of your income comes from government benefits and is over £130 per week excluding housing benefit.  £300-£1200

Smart loans  £50-£300  If you live in Telford and you have a low income from either benefits or employment.


The next step


If most of your income comes from your employment and you claim little or no benefits post your application with evidence of your income and expenditure eg wage slips and bank statement.

If most of your income comes form benefits and you are a new member call us and we will book an appointment for you. Existing members please post your application with evidence of your income and expenditure eg bank and/or post office statement and housing benefit letter.

If you send your application by post we will text you when we recieved it.


When your loan is agreed


If the loans officer has a query regarding your application they will contact you to discuss it, so please make sure you include a phone number or email address.

As soon as the loan is agreed, we endeavour to do this in 5 working days, we will contact you to sign the loan agreement.

If you are a new member and need an appointment we will tell you the same day.


Please note.

We are unable to accept an application if within the last 2 years you have applied for bankruptcy , have completed or in the process of completing a debt relief order or have set up a debt management plan or IVA.